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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's sunday, april soth. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen, sitting in for carolyn tyler. here's lisa argen. she's tracking doppler hd and the live impact scale. >> good morning. chris. ever. >> and the east of the bait doing good. you see the rotation from the area of low pressure here. we will take you into the most active area, which is from redwood city, 280, sunnyvale, down through cupertino and the south bay. so definitely waking up to some wet weather. as you see around santa clara, campbell, and back through 280, down through saratoga some light showers for you. pulling back you will notice that is does extend toward the
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coast, montara, pescadero, and mountain view you are wet. taking you up to the east bay you notice dublin, livermore, pleasanton, and once again union city waking up to the light raindrops n the north bay from american canyon. and a bit of a breakthrough marin county. you see the showers here from bodega bay. as we look outside. san francisco looking pretty quiet. the focus continues to shift to the south this morning w he will see some scattered showers in the north bay. it should all be ending by about noontime lastly throughout the south bay and then we will look for a cloudy day with temperatures in the low 60s. more rain in the seven day. chris. >> lisa, thank you. the persistent rain has oversaturated soil all across the bay area. yesterday this oak tree fell, taking out powerlines in mill valley. in lafayette another tree ripped down pg&e lines. that was on spring hill read.
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hundreds of customers didn't have power last night. and at this high school in mill valley the rain didn't slow down this soccer match. parents said a little wet weather isn't enough to keep their kids off the field. >> this isn't much rain, we've played in much worse. >> i enjoy the rain, actually. it's nice for a change. >> fans outside at&t park also weren't deterred by some light rain. some fans were ready with their umbrellas, others wore ponchos. the giants play again this afternoon. with more rain coming, be sure to download the abc news app to track the weather where you live. breaking news. will smith died last night from a gunshot wound achaenia parent road rage incident. this picture shows them at a festival in new orleans. michelle was also shot. a rummer rear-ended his mercedes.
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the two drivers exchanged words and that's what the driver of the hummer pulled out a gun and shot smith several times. smith was pronounced dead at the scene. his wife was rushed to the hospital. the 30-year-old driver of the hummer is in custody and being questioned. on his personal website, will smith said he wanted to be an fbi agent following his football career. he was 34 years old. developing news out of san francisco where police are looking for a missing two-year-old girl. this is arianna fitts. she was reportedly missing tuesday along with her mother nicole. nicole's sister said she was last seen thursday night at 8:00 p.m.. the last text message they received said she was in fresno with a friend named sam but her body was found friday. they believe arianna is at risk because of her age and suspected foul play.
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>> the daughter was last seen in late february. the mother was last seen on april 1st and they were both reported missing on april 5th. on the 8th we located nicole. she was a victim of a homicide. >> police did not say where her body was found but said she has ties to the bay area, fresno and southern california >>. is new video of a crash that killed five people that happened last night around 5:30 on highway 12 about two miles east of highway 160. two. the victims were toddlers. chp officers say they and three adults died when their car started to pass another car, went out of control and was hit by a pickup truck. the four people in the pickup suffered minor injuries. president barack obama wrapped up a quick trip to the bay area yesterday. he's in washington, d.c. but before leaving he got in a little golf at san francisco's olympic club. new video shows him on the greens there. alyssa harrington has more about the president's 24 hour visit.
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>> president barack obama ran up the steps to air force 1 and waved good-bye, ending a short visit to the bay area. across the water in milbrae, norman graph took pictures of the departure. >> everything shuts down, no planes in the area. everything is ramp hold. and then we see the s.u.v.s come up, he gets in and takes off. >> the president flew into san francisco with his daughter, malia. the white house won't tell us how she spent her time there but social media lit up with sightings at stanford. she graduates from high school this year. >> the president was in town for a quick 24-hour trip. the visit jam-packed with fundraise event for the democratic party. >> and later minor think leader signature fundraiser in pacific heights. a lavish event. tickets were more than $33,000. a crowd cheered as the motorcade traveled down billionaire's row. at the dinner the president
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blasted the republicans for blocking his supreme court pick. streets were closed around his hotel, and before leaving down president obama took in a soggy round of golf at the olympic club. san francisco, abc7 news. san francisco police are planning to re-interview some of the witnesses to last week's deadly police shooting of a homeless man. abc7 news was at 19th and shot there yesterday where some of the neighbors were moved to a homeless shelters. public works tells mission local the overnight move was motivated by the rain and space opening up at the shelter, but not the shooting. >> get on the ground! [gunshots] surveillance video shows the moment police officers shot him thursday morning. police had released a photo of a
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large kitchen knife they say he was carrying. at least one witness said the knife was on the ground at the time of the shooting. an advisory for bart passengers. there will be no train service this weekend between the san leandro and bayfair stations. it's the second of six weekend closers. bart crews are repairing equipment and tracks. however, bart is running a bus bridge for passengers, but that could lead to delays . >> the chase for number 73 continues on. the warriors hung on against the grizzlies in memphis last night for win number 71. the dubs trailed by as many as 10 points in the last quarter but fought back to beat the grizzlies 100-99. their second of back-to-back games is tonight against the spurs. that would tie the '95-96 chicago bulls regular season record. tip-off at at&t center is at 4:00 p.m. our time. mike shumann will have last night's highlights a little later in sports. [cheers and applause] abc7 news was at pete's tavern
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in san francisco last night fans cheered on the win. they were watching intently all night while the warriors gutted out the victory. you can believe bay area bars will be packed later today with the warriors going for win number 72 in san antonio. lisa, we know many people are heading out to that and the giants in action. lots going open. >> definitely. the rain will be out of here by noontime for most. maybe lingering along the central coast and the south bay. this is what is looks like right now from the exploratorium camera and vantage point from pierre 15 where we have mostly cloudy skies. no rain here. the rain shifts to the south. 54 degrees. we will talk about timing and the week ahead next. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, we catch up with the man who lost nearly 200 pounds. despite the rain this weekend, he's in the midst of a 100-mile run. how he said he turned his life around. >> i shouted out to the fireman, and i said, you know, is there a problem? >> plus, the man who had to be rescued from a california slive
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after popping the question tells us his side of the story.
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>> a live look at the south bay where the rain continues to fall this morning. this is the camera at 1201. take it easy if you are heading out within the hour. >> breaking news, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit in india. it hooks home and office buildings and tremors were felt as far away as the indian capital of new delhi. so far no reports of damage or deaths. in developing news, in india more than 100 people were killed in a massive fire that broke out in a temple at 3:15 local time. at least the 200 others have been injured. the fire started when a spark from an unauthorized fireworks show ignited. the explosion trapped hundreds of others inside. the temple holds a competitive fireworks display this year but this year they denied granting permission. rescuers are looking through the debris for any survivors.
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you. knew this morning, spacex made their delivery to the international space children with the first inflatable room for astronauts. the dragon arrived two days after launching from cape canaveral, florida. it will be the size of a small bedroom filled with air. it won't be inflated until next month. this is spacex's first delivery for n.a.s.a. in a year. a launch accident last june put shipments on hold. romance can be a little rocky sometimes. a california man proposed on top of a 600-foot rock thursday but then had to be rescued by emergency crews. he was also arrested. we have that guy's side of the story. >> meet 27-year-old michael banks and his puppy, moses. banks wanted on extra special backdrop when he proposed to his girlfriend so he climbed the morrow rock early thursday. he turned on the videorecorder. >> you see this rock.
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this rock i would love to put on your finger. if i could buy a diamond this size, i would, because that's what you are worth to me. ultimately, i will never let that go, so will you marry me? >> the problem was, climbing the rock was illegal. that's what he found out when firefighters and the rescue helicopter descended on him. >> i shouted out to the firemen, i said is there a problem? rolling in by the numbers right by the numbers right now, and i don't understand what's going on. >> the chopper eventually lifted him off the rock and put him on the ground where he was cited for misdemeanor trespassing. later banks spent the night in jail for being under the influence of methamphetamine. he said it's medicine he was prescribed by a va doctor. in addition to the trespassing fine, emergency responders plan to bill him thousands of dollars for the rescue. but there is one piece of good news. >> she said yes. the way she said yes was the emotional part because she said,
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of course i'll mary you, you are a crazy and s. o. b. and goes up a and telling me i can't leave you. you are either going to die or get arrested. >> that was abc7 news anchor harry thompson reporting. a piece of advice for mr. banks, brush up on one of the most useful phrases a husband can learn, sorry, honey. >> a return from the ruins in napa where people gathered for a special grand re-opening celebration. take a look hear. the city's oldest stone structure, which is home of a wayne tasting bar, reopened yesterday after it's facade crumbled on to main street during the earthquake of august, 2014. the building was red tagged for four months and it's taken until this month to get the structure completely repaired. >> and dozens got a chance to see the new jungle book movie before it was released. abc news was for the screening for the boys and girls club of oakland. the live action movie is
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inspired by the 1967 classic animated film. mike finney mc'd the event. the movie opens in theaters next friday. >> rain put at bit of a damper on the cherry blossom festival in san francisco yesterday. it usually draws hundreds of thousands of people. several thousand did show up and take in some japanese food and culture. the festival continues today and next sunday. ♪ >> it was dry indoors at sundance cinemas last night for the queen program. abc7 news reporter david louie co-hosted the event where young people compete to be the cultural ambassador. the women will spend next year attending cultural events in california, hawaii and even japan. abc7's cheryl jennings was the m.c. at an annual ronald
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mcdonald house in palo alto last night. house party raises money to expand the house to accommodate 114 families who have children with life-threatening illnesses. may is when the families can move in. to find out how you can donate we have a link on our website, a bay area man is running 100 miles to celebrate the amazing transformation he's made to his body. jake mcclusky of san jose has lost 102 pounds. he expects to arrive there this afternoon. abc7 news was in novato to talk to mccluskey about his journey. >> start small. little things definitely will add up. just start with just walking around the block, but just go out and get active, find something you like to do and just do it. >> the run is not just for mccluskey, it's also for charity. last year he ran from san francisco to san jose
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raising $18,000 for the silicon valley children's fund. 6:17, the time. lisa, hopefully -- so he's probably going to get some rain this morning, right. >> yeah. >> but the afternoon? >> yes, definitely. april can be a very are interesting month. we saw that last week with the record heat. now san francisco at 101% of normal. and your rainfall so far 21.94 inches. we saw about a third of an inch yesterday. and the total for the month, .66. we should see about less than an inch and a half for april. so we have a long way to go for april, but still over a half-inch is pretty good. april has just started. and adding to those totals with the storm impact scale, .05 to a half-inch headed our way throughout the morning hours. had this system, look how big it is. from southern california all the way up to the bay area and slightly north. but the rotation is from an area of low pressure to the south of us. finally as it heads inward, the rain to the east is going to
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shut off from north to south. already very quiet in the north bay. but look at the south bay. from mountain view to sunnyvale and points south from cupertino, saratoga, campbell. highway 280 and 85. yeah, don't you love that? waking up to the wet weather. shifting a little further north from palo alto. highway 12. and 92, i should say, across through san mateo, union city and fremont, wet weather for you. hayward you have some showers and to the north not so much. a little bit here in san francisco. and over into the east bay, though, we are looking at some light showers activity around 680. north bay we have had this band here from martinez to hercules, stretching over into the north bay. but really the north bahrain has been situated on the coast from dylan beach to point reyes. light showers around continue ron. the activity continues to shift to the south today. so you will clear out lastly had the south bay. and later on this morning. but it's pretty quiet in
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san francisco. 54 degrees for you in the city, as well as half moon bay with 56 mountain view. 55 morgan hill. san jose soggy at 57 degrees. so the golden gate bridge, you had your rain stop well to the north after midnight. it's been light ever since. and very scattered. 53 santa rosa, with 54 napa and livermore. by the delta 54 degrees. these cities here from the delta through the east bay, anywhere from about .6 to an inch of rain the past couple of days. certainly good news. a live look outside from the exploratorium camera. it's a mostly cloudy afternoon. a few peaks. sun. certainly dryer today than yesterday. partly cloudy tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday and more way heads our way wednesday night into thursday morning. may impact your commute early thursday morning and it's a quick mover. it won't linger like this system since we've had this since
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friday night. as we go into the next couple of hours, notice how quickly it continues to shift to the south and east. the light rain, east bay, south bay, but by 11:00 it's beginning to wind down and the rest of the afternoon should feature dry sky. so we talk about the totals, but in particular you may notice over a third of an inch in oakland and hayward, concord. and delta quarter inch perhaps in map paw. we will look for a cloudy afternoon. no rain delay here at at&t park. 60 crease with a west wind about 12 miles an hour. highs today under mostly cloudy skies. the rain ending by about noontime. 63 fremont, san jose. and 61 napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast. this little system on its way out. monday and tuesday we are dry, wells wednesday. the next system a quick mover, maybe not half-inch and then sunny and much warmer by next weekend. >> every little bit counts. >> yes. >> straight ahead, buried under
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junk mail.
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ >> junk of mail is a huge hassel for most of us, but michael finney found one man who has it worse than most. >> this letter carrier has his hands full when he delivers to this san jose home. steven chavez lives here and the offers are all being sent to
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him. if you think this is a bunch, check this out. steven has boxes and boxes of these types of offers. >> i think it's a kind of thing for poor people to get this kind of mail over and over again. >> so why did you contact me? >> to see if you could help me get my mail stopped from being so crazy. >> it got like this because he responded to a couple of the mailings and now he's inundated with simple advertisements, along with scams and schemes, and he just wants it to stop. the postal spokesperson for the bay area, he says steven has a way out, but there's a catch. >> he can go to, direct mail association. he can go online and go to their mail preference serve and he can opt out of getting any advertising mail.
6:26 am
advertisers belong to the dma. >> and scammers don't be long and don't stop mailing just because you ask. >> oh, boy, this really illustrates the danger of responding to any suspicious offer because once you do, if it is a scammer, they will share your information with other scammers and you wind up on what is called a sucker list. >> there isn't much you can do when you are on a sucker list other than stop responding and let time pass. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side". for the first time in nearly a century, the price of stamps is going down. it dropped two cents. the price change is caused by a temporary increase back in 2014 that expired to. the last time postage rates fell was 1919. take a look at this. little quala loves his keeper so much, runs up to her every time he sees her. the bear's mother died when she was four months old.
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the zoo posted this video. he was moved to another pouch for his best chance of survival. he now has his own enclosure at the zoo and is now doing well. we have much more ahead on the abc7 news. officials say the terror group that was responsible for the brussels attack last month, originally planned to carry it out somewhere else. out somewhere else. where they targeted. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good sunday morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour are a quick look at the weather. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa >> hi, chris. we have another 1 on the storm impact scale. anywhere from a couple hundredths to you in the north way to an additional half-inch as this system slowly sags to the south. you are waking up to soggy conditions this sunday in the south bay. look at southern california. its due to the rotation around an area of low pressure that will move into our inland areas to the south of us and that will shut off the rain lastly hear. but take a look at the wet weather. sunnyvale, palo alto, highway 82 and 84 across the san mateo bridge and further south into campbell, saratoga. you get toward gilroy, you have
6:31 am
red weather. wood side, heading up the peninsula, and damp with light rain. check out union city. this is where you have been having the steady light rain from 8830 to nilse boulevard. good news. most of you responding positively to the wet sunday morning. in the north bay a few scattered showers. it's been very few and far between for much of marin. berkeley, you are out of it now. and finally along the coast here from point reyes. you head outside in san francisco, it's hit-or-miss showers that will last throughout the morning hours and had then cloudy skies and low 60s for the bulge of the day. chris. >> thank you. developing news out of belgium this mourning. officials say the terror group that unleashed the deadly attack on the brussels airport and subway last month initially planned a second attack on france. 32 people died in the brussels attack. belgium officials said the group was going to hit france again, but instead turned to brussels.
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this comes after the man arrested friday confessed he's the so-called man in the hat caught on video at the airport bombing. new york is the next big stop on the presidential campaign trail. in nine days nearly 100 republican delegates and 300 democrat delegates are up for grabs. ted cruz and bernie sanders are fighting for every last delegate. we have the story. >> the two taking the fight to the frontrunners. ted cruz and bernie sanders said they will compete all the way to the convention hall. >> all right, news alert, we just won wyoming! >> bernie sanders late saturday declared the winner of the wyoming caucus. the vermont senator now claiming victory over hillary clinton in seven of the last eight states. with the new york primary just a week away, sanders is closing the gap on pledged delegates, although clinton is still ahead.
6:33 am
>> if we can win here, it absolutely opens the door to a path toward victory to the white house. >> clinton isn't sounding too worried. >> i'm going to keep going until i have all the delegates i need to be nominated. >> ted cruz is trying to scoop up delegates wherever he finds them. the latest in colorado. and predicting victory on the convention floor. >> i believe the first ballot will be the highest vote total donald trump receives, and on a subsequent ballot we are going to win the nomination and earn the majority. >> ted cruz now poised to win most, if not all, of colorado's 37 delegates. off the campaign trail for three days, donald trump made a surprise visit to new york's 911 memorial. the gop frontrunner up uncharacteristically avoided talking to reporters. trump has been retooling his campaign since his loss to cruz in wisconsin. it was bitter.
6:34 am
abc news, new york. >> coming off his wyoming primary victory, bernie sanders will make an appearance this morning on "this week." they will talk about the race ahead of new york's crucial primary next tuesday. you can catch "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning right here an abc7. three men trapped on a deserted island in the south pacific were able to grab the attention of a navy ship. this morning they are safe and the coast guard said it was their own cleverness that saved them. we have the details. >> three real life castaways, lucky to be alive after their three hour sailing trip went really wrong, stranding them for days on a tiny island. ♪ passengers that sailed that day for a three hour tour ♪
6:35 am
>> their story, eerily similar to the opening scene from the '70s tv show "gilligan's island." but it's this image catching headlines. the three spelling out "help" with palm leaves. they said they did everything right to get rescued. the big wave took out their boat on the way to a small island in the pacific. they were forced to swim two miles of choppy water, thankfully armed with these life vests. >> the personal flotation devices allowed them to stay above water longer to make the overnight swim to the island. >> the trio washing up on the long abandoned island full of empty fishing shacks, but no phone or internet to call home. seemingly living out scenes from the movie castaway. starting a fire and just like tom hanks did on the big screen, sending out this rugged s.o.s. and frantically waving their bright orange life jackets. a navy plane spotting them. their three-hour is tour finally over after three days. abc news, new york. janet jackson fans who
6:36 am
bought tickets for her world reportedly can't get their money back. she had more than 50 shows scheduled and she announced wednesday she would put the tour on hold indefinately to start a family. tmz reported that ticket master is not giving refunds because she has not officially cancelled her show, just postponed it. it's not clear when she will reschedule them. she already postponed it once because of a surgical procedure. >> in berkeley someone stole a custom bicycle that the owner says is irreplaceable. this is her six-speed bike. her former boyfriend custom built this bike for her and painted her name and e-mail address on the frame. last monday night she said she loaned it to a friend who left it unlocked outside the derby food center on college avenue. someone took it and left a green bike in its place. she would like her bike returned. still ahead on the abc7 morning news. ♪ >> the future is now. we will get a look at the
6:37 am
technology of tomorrow where some of the robots are almost human. but first, are here's a live black outside from our san mateo bridge camera. you can see the roads out there a little slick. lisa argen will have the full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> good morning, everyone. a live look outside from our santa cruz camera, showing a calm but cloudy start along the coast. lisa will let us know when and where the rain will fall coming up. >> officials want to reunite this cub with its mother. he was heard squealing in the woods after a fire. officials are walking it around the woods, spreading its accident so the mom can smell it and come back to him. if the mom does not return, wildlife officials said they will care for the little bear until it can be released on its own. >> that's kind. cute to see. >> look at that. we have some rain this morning for some of you here at home. but in the sierra nevada it is cloudy. temperatures in the upper 30s from truckee to the tahoe really airport. going for a high of 57 today.
6:41 am
and the snowpack pretty good. about 80 to 90% of normal. you see how wet it looks there. so we are looking at more 50s in the forecast in the mountains. no snow with the system but the wet weather continues this morning in our neck of the woods. i'll have the forecast for you next. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, pads bum takes rogers ace clayton kershaw shaw deep. but the game went extra innings. we have
6:42 am
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on his legendary quest, jack created a breakfast worth waking up for. the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. with provolone, cheddar, pepperjack, and a crispy hash brown. then he announced it to the world in the most legendary way. ah-hem. ♪triple cheeeeeese! the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone. ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. in sports, the warriors chase at nba history resumes later today in san antonio. golder state faces the spurs at 4:00 p.m. san antonio is just two wins
6:44 am
away from becoming the first nba team to ever go 41-0 at home. last night the warriors won their 71st game with a thrilling come back against the grizzlies. abc7 sports anchor mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> well, the warriors with a must-win last night in memphis to have a shot at the regular season record held by the '95-96 bulls of 72 games. they stole a victory. now at 72 wins with two to play. before the game steph curry practicing his putting. his boy, jordan speith, leading the masters. and bogut getting rest yesterday. the points. dubs up 3 at the half. third quarter steph, 150th consecutive game. he and klay, 5 of 24 from three point land. grizzlies go on a run in the third. warriors trail by as many as 10 in the fourth. draymond, the lay-up and foul. he had 23. the first shot of the quarter, harrison barns hits the three.
6:45 am
less than 1:40 left. warriors up one. 8 seconds left. grizzlies down one. he drives and misses, gets it back, tries the desperation heave. and warriors escaped memphis. they are now 71-9. >> we had our own play, and the run they made in the second half was one you -- there's still time left on the clock and this game meant a lot to us. it's a big win. >> and klay doesn't need to come in for us and score. we need to come in and get stops. we do that and we will score. we need to stick with it and pick up our intensity level up. it was garbage to that points. >> sharks and coyotes at the tank. and if scott weren't here, he would be at the game dressed like that. one goal a kim on the five-on-three in the third. and captain joe pavelski with
6:46 am
his 38th of the year. sharks win it 1-0. they will face the kings or the ducks in the first round. the playoffs. giants look for their third straight win over the dodgers with madison bumgarner facing clayton kershaw. giants april announced a new contract for brandon belt. it kickstarts in 2017. job security a big plus for athletes. and matt is ready to roll after the rain delay. bottom of two, no score. madison rakes one off kershaw. tied for the active lead among pitchers. kershaw can't believe it but the dodgers end up winning in extra innings, 3-2. that series finale is set for this afternoon. a's and mariners of seattle. he hits one nearly to pike's place. second of the year. and the a's go on to win 6-1. they are tied for the american league west league at 3-3. moving day at the masters. defending champ jordan speith on top of the leaderboard for the seventh straight round after yesterday's rebound 3. and the 58-year-old three birdies in the row.
6:47 am
including the chip-in on 14th. he's in fourth place. smiley, three birdies on the final five holes. capped on this one in 16th. 2-under on the tournament. chasing jordan speith. birdies 15 but he bogeys 17 and doubles 18th and falls back to 3-under. he has a one-shot lead going into the final round today. we will have the highlights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> 6:47 is our time. lisa argen is here now and you have been tracking another day of rain for us. >> yeah, watching all the sun in georgia while we are really kind of soggy here. no one is really complaining. well picked up a third of an up. for the month in san francisco. average is a little under an inch and a half. anywhere from a tenth of an inch to four-tenths throughout the midday hour with a 1 on the storm impact scale. this system is winding down or
6:48 am
will be by noontime. you see the rotation in southern california." as it sinks to the south and east of us, the rain will continue to slide to the south. and that's where we are really looking at some good returns, from san jose, we're in right now 280 around cupertino. sunny view and santa clara, highway 82 there. light rain to the north from fremont and newark, just south of union city. back westward palo alto. take you a little further here for a warm spring boulevard and fremont boulevard around 880. some wet weather and also around foster city here, 280 around belmont and san carlos. but you head to the north theres a break here right around the bay but scattered showers up through the peninsula, san francisco and a line from miranda. highway 24 and berkeley. richmond some wet weather and just out towards walnut creek in the north bay. as we look outside from
6:49 am
san francisco you see the damp streets. the temperatures are in the mid-50s out there. 354 san francisco and half moon bay as well as morgan hill. it's 56 oakland, mountain view and san jose. looking at the golden gate bridge it's dry right now and the showers have been few and far between for sonoma and napa. nothing is ding to dry out in the marin county, but still showers throughout the morning hours. a few in the north bay. 56 concord. livermore 354. rain total bigs the delta, brentwood, antioch. the last 24 hours have been upwards of an inch. you see the raindrops here from the exploratorium cameras. showers this morning. they will taper off throughout the day and partly cloudy tomorrow. tuesday, and wednesday another system heads our way from the north. this time wednesday night into thursday, allowing for most of the activity while you are sleeping. could impact the thursday morning come future. this is out the next couple of hours will play out. 9:00 still widespread showers mainly south and east on the
6:50 am
peninsula and sinking into the south bay, the central coast. by noon times things really begin to fall aheart part and we are left with a cloudy day. temperatures in the lower 60s. rain totals most of it falling in the south bay. you see just over a ten. and novato to napa. and perhaps .4 towards the coast and around the peninsula. some good news there. and looking at this quick mover headed our way wednesday night into thursday, maybe a quarter inch with this. here we are 2:00 thursday morning. and it's in the north bay. sweeps to the south and east quickly. and then it's out of hear for more sun in the afternoon on thursday. temperatures, though, will be slow to warm this week. as we look at highs today notice we are in the lower 60s for most. concord 61. morgan hill low 60s. santa cruz. and the rain ends lastly in the south bay. accuweather seven-day forecast. this system is out of here by midday. we are dry tomorrow and tuesday. the next system overnight wednesday into thursday. and then after that looks like high pressure takes over and we
6:51 am
are back into the 70s with sunny skies. so good-looking, the last couple of days, i think. >> lisa, thank you. we are still years away from the jet senses, but robots are on their way to becoming a much bigger part of our lives. last week was a robot block party in san jose, inviting the whole neighborhood to see what they are cooking up w he have the details. >> reporter: for a little robot called pepper, shake hands is just the beginning. pepper can high-five and even fist bump. and, boy, can this robot dance. >> what do you guys think of the dancing robot? >> awesome. >> to these kids, pepper is almost human. >> and that was very much by design. we want you to think of pepper as a he or she, whatever is appropriate to you, and engage it like it's a member of your family or a friend. >> pepper's job is interacting with people. but robots with different jobs take different forms.
6:52 am
a robot called bistrobot may not look like a chef, but it's a whiz at slicing vegetables. >> question one is your favorite? >> that one. >> these big arms are gentle enough to write with a felt tip marker. >> it's as good as a human but more precise. >> one the biggest uses is manufacturing. and they have become more human, maybe not in how they look but how they think. >> meet domorrow, it rhymes with tomorrow. >> takes the existing tools like screwdrivers and schools and you can hand teach this thing. it's designed to move in right in the same space as a human. >> a robot you teach instead of program. >> it's going to have the biggest impact on robots over the next couple of decades. >> especially as our population gets older. >> the reality is there won't be enough young people to take care of our elderly, so robots have to play an important role in that. >> from those who have trouble getting around to this. >> this is a robot guide for the blind. >> think of it as a labrador retriever that never barks and
6:53 am
knows how to read a map. >> far more effective than the cane and the guide dog. >> in san jose, abc7 news. >> up next, another sign of spring. the first of eight neighborhood events. the year in san francisco. where you can thefor instance, looking ates things is an activity. ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
oreas the land ofte vallmilk and honey.wn back when milk and honey were real popular. ♪ >> here are the winning numbers from last night's $168 million powerball drawing.
6:56 am
>> nobody picked all six numbers so wednesday night's jackpot grows to $184 million. >> and the winning numbers from last night's $13 million super lotto plus drawing. >> nobody got all six in that drawing either so wednesday's jackpot goes up to $14 million. happening today it's the first of 8 days of sunday streets in san francisco. sunday streets is a day of free, healthy activities that promote streets. this is video from a previous event. today's sunday streets is in the mission on valencia from copin to 26th street. there will be many activities for the families. kids can also get in on the fun in a scavenger hunt. sunday streets runs from 11:00 this morning to 4:00 p.m. final check on the weather? >> right now it's soggy in
6:57 am
cupertino. 280 and campbell. and palo alto some light rain. also in redwood city. so take it easy out there on 680 and 880. notice the wet weather extends up toward just above foster city and a break around the bay. better more rain in piedmont. drying conditions where the rain will end in the north bay first. the rest of the day cloudy in the 60s. partly cloudy monday, tuesday, wednesday. the next system is another weak one but overnight wednesday into thursday. >> lisa, thank you. and thank you for joining us. for lisa argen and carolyn tyler, i'm chris nguyen. "good morning america" is next and we are back for at full hour of news, weather and sports at 9:00 a.m. as we say good-bye to you, we will leave you with this cloudy look from our emeryville camera this morning. take it easy out there on the roads, everybody. see you again at 9:00 a.m.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. happening right now, the spring freezer. almost a foot of snow. windchills dipping into the teens. the treacherous driving. spins and skids. 100 million people in the path of this late arctic blast. will it ever warm up? will smith. >> breaking overnight, a former football star killed in a road rage attack. will smith played for the saints in the super bowl. now gunned down in new orleans. >> complainants state that there is a male down with about six gunshot wounds to the chest. >> his wife shot, too. rushed to the hospital. the details coming in right now. fight for delegates. the new victory for bernie sanders. >> we just won wyoming. >> but hillary clinton says she's still confident. >> last time i checked about 220 or so pledged delegates ahead. >> despite some "snl"


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